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In-Home Therapy, Home Visits, or Home-Based Therapy


General Resources on Home-Based Therapy

The Process and Outcome of Life Review Psychotherapy With Depressed Homebound Older Adults

Culturally Sensitive In-Home Psychotherapy for Urban Low-Income African American Adolescents

Geriatric Mental Health and the Concept of In Home Psychotherapy

Marriage and Family Counseling – A Shocking New Treatment That Gets Results

Home-Based Therapy

The Unconventional Counselor: A Guide to Home-Based Therapy



TeleHomeCare Bibliography

Institute for Patient- and Family-Centered Care: Bibliography

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General Out-Of-Office Experiences

Out of Office Experiences


“Providing Psychotherapy to Older Patients in Their Homes”


Home-Based Programs and Counseling Services

HELP (Home-based Effective Living Professionals), San Diego, CA 92103


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