My 3 Cat Girls

I used to be a dog-only person. But my daughters started bringing home stray cats and after a short time I was hooked ... on cats.

Cats are wonderful little creatures. They've got the requiste cuteness and fuzziness, they're soft to the touch (even if they do tend to run from you, unlike dogs), and my 3 at least always show up for food. In fact, everytime I walk into my kitchen my kitties think it's chow time. All they have to do is look into my eyes and they know they're living with a sucker because I always cave in and throw them a treat.

Even though they can be finicky, they're good at unconditional love. My two younger ones always show up in my bed at night, although my older one has stopped because she's not good at sharing me with the babies. Yes, they have real personalities.

When I fall ill, my cats are there when I wake from a fever-induced sleep. In fact, I once had a fairly long illness and was in bed for weeks. My cats were there to sit guard. They did not budge from my side. They were loyal and faithful.

Sometimes people are like cats, and sometimes they're not. In that sense, I feel that I can always rely on my 3 cat girls for support, and petting their warm furry bodies makes me feel good. Sometimes they kiss me with their tiny mouths. Or perhaps they're just searching for more food. Hmmmm.

Although I need human companionship, my 3 cat girls come in as a close second. I don't know what I would do without them.


— Dr. Donna Poppendieck

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