The Time Has Come To Add Internet Use
To The Biographical Questionnaire

By Ofer Zur, Ph.D.

Hopefully, most clinicians provide an intake questionnaire for biographical information for the client to fill out before the first session.

The questionnaire typically includes information such as:
  • demographics (age, name, contact information)
  • presenting problem
  • history of mental and physical health and drug or alcohol abuse
  • past hospitalizations
  • relationships
  • past experiences with therapy
  • questions regarding faith, hopes and fears
  • etc.

In the digital era, it is prudent to also ask about Internet and technology use.

While a client may come in with a problem not obviously related to technology, such as relationship strain, children acting out, problems at work, and depression, etc., their Internet and technology use may be causing or exacerbating the issues. Is the client obsessively texting during work or school hours or at the dinner table? Is he or she excessively engaged with sex sites? Is the client gaming until 2 am on a regular basis?

Your client’s relationship to technology matters a great deal. Therefore, we suggest you add the following two questions to the Biographical Questionnaire you give to your clients:

Ā bioquestions

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