Coherence Therapy:
An Introduction to Theory and Practice

By Ofer Zur, Ph.D.

Coherence Therapy

Therapists have long been challenged by the question: “Is it possible to do effective psychotherapy in a way that is time-limited but without sacrificing either depth or permanence of results?”. Brief therapies often aim for rapid resolution of presenting symptoms at the expense of targeting the deeper underpinnings of those symptoms, while therapies that target depth often do so in a manner that takes so long and is so costly as to not be a viable option for the average client.

Coherence Therapy provides a clear, well-defined strategy for quickly accessing the unconscious roots of presenting symptoms. It maps out specific steps and techniques for bringing the implicit knowings about self and the world that generate our clients’ psychological symptoms to conscious awareness and then maps out further steps and techniques for permanently erasing and transforming them.

Did you know…
  • Coherence Therapy, originally called Depth Oriented Brief Therapy, was developed over the last 25 years by psychotherapists Bruce Ecker, LMFT and Laurel Hulley, MA.
  • Coherence Therapy makes use of the neurobiological process of Memory Reconsolidation, through which neuronal networks holding problematic implicit meanings and knowings about self or the world can actually be rewired so as to permanently erase those archaic knowings and meanings.
  • Coherence Therapy maps out a clear and comprehensive strategy for how to activate implicit emotional knowings within the brain and then for how to guide the process of re-consolidation so as to replace them with new, more accurate and adaptive meanings and knowings.

About the new course ~

This dynamic video presentation will give you a clear sense not just of the theory of Coherence Therapy but also what it looks like and feels like in actual practice by:

  • defining the basic vocabulary of Coherence Therapy
  • explaining the core concepts of the model
  • using a case example to illustrate a series of experiential techniques Coherence Therapists use to quickly access the core implicit meanings about self or the world that give rise to and maintain a particular presenting symptom
  • illustrating how Coherence Therapy helps clients integrate those previously unconscious implicit knowings into everyday conscious awareness and
  • demonstrating how to set up the experiential conditions necessary to depotentiate and permanently transform those archaic meanings and knowings through the neurobiological process of Memory Reconsolidation.

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