Directive to Protect Mental Health Information

By Ofer Zur, Ph.D.


Zur Institute is now offering a simple, short form, Directive to Protect Mental Health Information, developed to help clients secure the confidentiality of their mental health records AFTER clients’ deaths which is included as part of our Essential Clinical Forms and the Record Keeping Online Course.

This Directive is aimed at insuring that, in the event of a client’s death, personal information shared in trust during psychotherapy sessions will NOT be revealed to any other person.

Consider the following clinical situations:

  • An 88 year old client, who recently suffered two heart attacks and was facing an inevitable-deadly third one, did not want any of his descendants to see his clinical-psychotherapy records. He is a private and rather introverted man.
  • A middle aged woman, who underwent therapy to work on issues associated with her multiple extramarital affairs, survived a recent car accident. When we resumed therapy she was concerned that, had she died, this hurtful information could have been open to her husband of 20 years and their children.
  • A 25 year old female, who struggled with the shame of sexually compulsive behavior, entered therapy and was immediately concerned about who could see her records if she were to meet with an untimely death. She felt she could not enter treatment without first being assured that her records would be safe.

These cases illustrate the benefit of the new form, DIRECTIVE TO PROTECT MENTAL HEALTH INFORMATION. You may provide the form to new clients at the beginning of treatment when you discuss issues of confidentiality.


2 Ways to Receive the Directive to Protect Mental Health Information Form:


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