Feminists' New View of Women's Reproductive Health

By Ofer Zur, Ph.D.

Pharmaceutical companies have recently appointed themselves experts in the area of women’s reproductive health.

Not feeling amorous? No problem.
Just pop this pill. Just use this cream.

Pharmaceutical ads urge women to reach for the drugs, and end with an image of a happily embracing couple. Moreover, to really boost sales, these companies employ both the carrot and the stick: that is, the promise of bliss and the fear of failure. In addition to guaranteeing instant romance, the companies must persuade consumers that any variation in desire indicates a medical condition. In other words, if you’re not always ready for romance, you’re suffering from a disease. Feminist researchers and clinicians have worked diligently to develop innovative ideas about these issues, and offer not only new definitions and descriptions, but have also designed alternative methods for optimizing women’s reproductive health.

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