Advancing and Widening Our Understanding of Human Sexuality

By Ofer Zur, Ph.D.

Advances in Human Sexuality

Whether in individual or couples therapy, sexual issues are almost always present, either explicitly or implicitly. Many therapists are reluctant to address sexual issues, either because of their own reticence or because of their lack of knowledge about some aspects of sexuality or about how to therapeutically address sexual matters.

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Human Sexuality Online Course

  • Provides 10 CE credits
  • Meets CA Pre-Licensure requirement
  • Fulfills CA and many other states’ requirements for continuing education in sexuality
  • Will increase therapists’ competence and confidence in addressing sexual issues.

Some of the most cutting-edge contributions in this Human Sexuality course include:

  • Esther Perel, social worker and author of the best selling Mating in Captivity, discusses the paradox of maintaining excitement (a key ingredient in eroticism) while keeping the relationship stable and predictable (a key ingredient in long term stable relationships).
  • Audio interview with sex therapist Dr. Barry McCarthy on sexual therapy with couples.
  • Dr. Marty Klein’s important cutting edge critique challenges our narrow and moralistic view of sexuality in an audio interview on how America’s war on sex is smothering healthy sexual expression.
  • Wendy Maltz, therapist and author of The Porn Trap, discusses cyberporn.
  • Dr. Kimberly Young, the renowned and pioneer expert on Internet Addiction discusses ways of treating Internet cyberporn addictions and similar online behaviors.
  • Dr. Tom Smith, a psychologist who has had Aids for over 30 years, openly and bravely discusses the ethical, medical and epidomedical considerations related to sex, LGBT, and HIV-AIDS.
  • George Zilbergeld, brother of Bernie Zilbergeld, authors of Better Than Ever, discusses positive sex in middle and old age.
  • Dr. Leonore Tiefer, psychologist and prominent feminist who convened the New View Campaign in 2000 to challenge the medicalization of women’s sexuality.


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