Online Marketing Help is Here!

By Ofer Zur, Ph.D.


Online Marketing

Why online marketing?
Quite simply, online is where your customers and clients can be found. In order to be successful in the 21st century, psychotherapists, MFTs, counselors and social workers must have a basic website and conduct some online marketing.

Why do I need a website?
Potential clients will look for your website when they search for a therapist and/or after they got a referral and want to check you out.

Is online marketing necessary?
Many psychotherapists completed their training prepared to work with clients, but are woefully unprepared for the business aspects of a private psychotherapy practice. These days, much marketing occurs online – where audiences congregate freely, often all day long. Mailing hardcopy brochures to street addresses is labor and money-intensive; putting up a Facebook page and offering engaging educational content to your readers costs nothing, if you do it yourself.

What is online marketing?
Online Marketing includes a website as well as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging, e-blasts, and search engine optimization.

What goes on the website?
Homepage, About, Services, Publications, Resources, Contact. This is a basic list. If you hold workshops or other events, you’ll want an Events page. If you offer extensive products or services, many more pages may be required.


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