Performance Psychology

By Ofer Zur, Ph.D.

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Performance Psychology

Performance Psychology is a dynamic, exciting field whose relevance is increasing by the day. Practicing performance psychology introduces you to a myriad of populations – from athletes and performing artists to businesspeople and high-risk professionals. All of these groups, and many more, can benefit from this emerging area of practice. This pocket of the field takes the practitioner into the exciting and gratifying world of working with performers, and brings new life to the practice of psychotherapy. You can discover ready-to-use psychological skills geared towards the wellness and development of your clients who desire to enhance their performance in pressure situations. This exciting and truly practical course prepares you to continue your journey towards practicing as a performance consultant.

Did you know…

  • Performance Psychology has been used by Gold Medal swimmer Michael Phelps, baseball pitcher Zack Greinke, opera singer Cecilia Bartoli, actor Barbara Streisand and singer Donny Osmond;
  • Professional businesspeople view performance coaching as a valuable part of attaining success in their field, making this a socially acceptable form of counseling in these circles;
  • Athletes, performers, speakers, and politicians can all benefit from Performance Psychology;
  • Providing services to clients suffering from performance anxiety is a high demand specialty niche;
  • Performance consulting is invigorating, satisfying and rewarding. Clients are very grateful!
  • The Performance Psychology methods are attainable for any psychotherapist, and this specialty requires no special certifications;
  • Offering Performance Psychology services to your clients can attract an exciting, high-power clientele;
  • More and more companies see the value of coaches offering peak performance services to their top performers.

With the Performance Psychology Course you will:

  • Experience the joy of assisting grateful clients in their journey towards peak performance;
  • Discover 5 domain-specific populations you can work with now as a performance consultant;
  • Meet several of the top experts in the field of working with performers;
  • Learn the fascinating history of optimizing performance with psychology;
  • Utilize an assessment to determine your readiness to pursue this exciting area of practice;
  • Understand and be prepared to use specific psychological skills to enhance the performance of clients today;
  • Uncover the 4 critical steps to developing and marketing a Performance Psychology Practice;
  • Be able to utilize the vast resources available for the emerging Performance Consultant.

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