Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG)

By Ofer Zur, Ph.D.

Post Traumatic Growth

With PTSD on the rise and increasing levels of trauma being reported today, clinicians face a challenge not just to present clients with treatment modalities that can help them return to their daily lives, but also give them hope for the future. Historically, therapeutic treatment approaches have focused on the problems and impairments clients present with, and in doing so have overlooked the tremendous opportunity for clients to experience growth, resilience and increased meaning as they heal from major trauma.

There has been so much research and attention directed toward recovering from PTSD and trauma that psychology has been slow to look at the possibility of PTG. In recent years, however, PTG has been attracting more and more attention. Researchers have discovered not only what makes people more resilient but also what characteristics and conditions enable them to come through healing and end up wiser, stronger, more fulfilled, and with a deeper meaning in their lives than they had before trauma struck. Therapy with traumatized people, we now realize, is about more than just surviving or recovering.

Did you know…?

  • Many people report a variety of positive outcomes resulting from trauma, and credit the traumatic event with a significant improvement in their life.
  • PTG offers a unique approach to trauma that allows a constructive understanding of the trauma and identifies positive outcomes of the traumatic events.
  • PTG is a client-centered approach that is strength based and empowering for the client.
  • The PTG model not only reduces client pathology but also strengthens a client’s resilience to future traumatic events.
  • PTG offers a tremendous opportunity to develop a greater appreciation for life, craft new meanings and experience deeper, more fulfilling, relationships.


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