A Message From Nature!

Look around you! We are still here bursting with life!

Stop and take a moment to appreciate the beauty we offer through shape and color, and the joy we bring you through scent and touch.

What a strong mobilizer fear is in your human world. Only when you fear for your life are you willing to stop your collective destructive ways.

What will it take for you to look up at the sky and marvel at the shifting formations of clouds?

What will it take for you to feel the rivers and seas and mountains and valleys are your precious home?

What will it take for you to care for the child, the mother, the uncle, the brother of a stranger?

What will it take for you to stand up for what is dear to you, feet extending from the earth, head raised up looking at the horizon, walking into the world with your heart open, claiming the birthright of humanity to live in personal freedom, planetary peace, collective creativity, and compassionate stewardship of our precious plant—our garden of eden?

Environment Change

— Anna Gatmon. Ph.D.


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