Crisis Stimulates Evolution

An interesting time we are living in. I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently.

We are being asked to keep our spaces clean. To be cognizant of our social interactions and mindful of how our health and behavior impact one another. We are being asked to work less away and stay home, closer to our families. We are driving and flying less, therefore polluting our environment less. We are are preparing meals at home rather than dining out, therefore more mindful of healthy living practices. We are being asked to spend more time in solitude, perhaps for an opportunity to reflect and create. Perhaps this is a time to prove how courageous and resilient you can be. Maybe this is the universe’s ‘call-to-action’ for us to be more aware. To slow down. To unite. Sometimes ‘crisis’ calls for evolutionary practices.

With all the propensities, I believe some relief will come. I remind us all that having faith and taking action is the recipe for any revolutionary change. Accountability with compassion and empathy are necessary. Sometimes pain is necessary to evolve. It’s the law of the universe. So I remind us all to stay strong and committed because I truly do believe there is a light at the end of this long tunnel.


— Dr. Manmeet Rattu

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