Don’t  throw the baby with the bathwater. 

This is a time when more than usually I need information. And there is so much information coming at me that I find myself in a constant state of defense. Some of it is based on evidence, some on “evidence”, some is just made up. Some given by qualified people who say one thing and some by qualified people who say the opposite. Some is information, some is interpretation, some is projection, some is opinion, some is belief, and some is plain old misinformation. Some is spiritual, some is rational, some is factual – though facts seem to be debatable.

I have learned long ago that when you want to get a message across simply and clearly on the media there is little room for subtlety or nuance. That makes many speak in absolutes, seem sure of unsure things, claim as facts their hypotheses.  I find that some people are willing to take anything at face value to avoid having to be critical, and some choose to reject everything for the exact same reason. My instinct is to be skeptical, to not believe, to not accept. I keep telling myself to actually listen and maybe learn something valuable.

Here is where I am at: Personally, I  do not think the Coronavirus came to teach us anything, but I do believe we can learn from it. A lot. The fact that I dislike a metaphor doesn’t mean the idea is worthless. So I try to listen as much as I can, repeating the mantra to myself: “Don’t throw the baby with the bathwater”. It is exhausting.

— Doron Hovav

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