Email From A Virus

I came in peace. I meant no harm.
I'm part of Nature, just like you.
I was meant to bring immunity
For a stronger, safer future.

I didn't know that you weren't ready.
And that’s strange. I cabled ahead.
I have it here: "Arriving Wuhan.
Stop. December 1st. Stop."

Maybe you just saw stop?
Or maybe heard nothing at all?
When I report, what will I say?
I’m already in deep trouble!

“You had one job!” they’ll accuse.
“You weren’t supposed to wipe them out!”
Look, can you help me here?
Can you learn just some lesson?

What happened to the Home of the Brave?
What the hell are you afraid of?
All that stuff might yes occur,
But why are you gripped in terror?

The future is yours to prepare.
I am like time. You come to me.
Or, you’re supposed to, really.
Today you were busy with other things.

You know what you focused on.
You left your roots way far behind.
You cracked the Earth, spit on Her.
Took what you wanted for yourself.

What’s important to you now?
How can you still make a difference?
Some, it’s said, must stand and wait.
Others fight. But all can unite.

Think ahead next time. Imagine.
Prepare. Believe. Join forces.
Put me up in a nice hotel.
Then send me packing home.

I only came to say hello. Really.
But you ignored me, insulted me.
You shunned me. Denied me.
What kind of friend are you?

— Jon Jackson, MD

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