I can't breathe--

This isn't my story, not really. Its not even my sentence in the title. Its George Floyd's. Its Michael Johnson. Its so many murdered black men and women. I find it SO interesting that we are facing a GLOBAL pandemic that attacks the breath, the lungs, our very system of bringing our bodies to LIFE.

I don't have answers for you about what CoronaVirus would say to me, but I am listening, and I think we as a nation and as a world need to LISTEN, and more than that, to atone for our bloody violent history of slavery before we can heal those wounds that are literally suffocating people to death, literally and figuratively with institutional racism blocking opportunities for jobs, education, growing wealth and so forth.

I hear Mother Earth SCREECHING in the fires, another act of nature. where we CAN NOT BREATHE because the air is thick with smoke and poison. I am in the midst of this sheet of smoke and covered in masks and gowns and protective gear, can barely see in front of me as I traverse this harrowing time.

Everything feels disturbed, at DIS-ease, and its rooted in the defects of our nation, the dark spots we have not been willing to shine the light on. It its LONG OVERDUE , it is time to shine the light into every corner, to let the light heal those festering infected wounds and begin the process of atonement. There is no way out but through. This is our journey. this is the heroes journey, and we are all being called to be our highest selves.

— Sas

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