I choose to focus on the gifts...

Generosity and kindness. Helping strangers. Opening our hearts to help our global community.

Musicians creating online communities through livestreaming. Feeling connected through this shared experience of isolation, fear, sadness, and concern for others. This extends beyond loved ones. This connects every human. While the physical separation is greater, the perceived separateness between people has diminished. No one is immune to this virus, and everyone is living this surreal reality. Strangers, celebrities, friends and family. Everyone feels less isolated, and hearts feel full of love and appreciation.

People connecting in more personal ways, rather than relying on texting. People calling more often to hear each other’s voice and say I love you.

Slowing down and appreciating what really matters in life. Precious time with loved ones.

Essential workers.

Health that is not taken for granted, and deeper compassion for all that are suffering physically, emotionally, and financially as a result of this virus.

Personal growth and adaptability. Creativity, strength and resiliency. Ways to bring balance to your overall sense of well-being, health and happiness. Taking care of yourself, body, mind and spirit.

The whole world has been impacted, and we are one unified connected world healing from this. Our lives will be changed, and these gifts will remain. We will love more deeply, take less for granted, and be stronger for it.

— Leah Robbins, Ph.D.


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