Insights from Fear of the Unknown

Yes ... Coronavirus as been speaking to me for a few months now. Here is what it says to me:

Fear not! Although I am a little different from other viruses you may have met over your lifetime, I am still just a virus. Fear-mongering stories are abounding between and among individuals, groups, institutions, and above all else, the news media.

All viruses - including me, Coronavirus, just cannot compete with a healthy immune system. So if you want to control me, look at your diet and other lifestyle choices that may be wearing down your immune system. Even if you have no symptoms of illness and believe you are healthy, look at your diet and mindfulness choices. How do you handle stress? Do you live a high stress lifestyle? Do you eat fresh produce (the builder of healthy immunity), or do you stick with the SAD (standard American diet, i.e., junk food, soda, high processed carbs, sugar, etc.)? Do you take vitamins (like Vitamin C and other immune-healthy supplements)? Do you practice yoga, do Bible study, or meditation so you can calm yourself and just be in the present moment?

This is a wonderful time to be still and quiet and reflect upon your life. Listen to your thoughts and feelings. Get in touch with your spirituality (and yes, we are genetically wired for this although the choice is always yours).

Use this important time to reflect, feel, and think about your life. I - Coronavirus - can help you make lemonade out of the lemons in your life.


— Dr. Donna Poppendieck, Principal, Health and Wellness Online, LLC

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