Life Choices, Regrets, Duty, Discipline, Noncompliance

It started with the media spreading fear, a possibility that any day could be the “last day of my life”. I contemplated missed opportunities (visiting relatives or places, expressing feelings, taking a stand, completing personal projects). I was forced to reflect on my life. The insight that could only be brought on by a pandemic was that I had to be content with the choices I made. I fought for a relationship, completed a race which defines me for the past seven years, promoted ultrarunning around the world, and made a difference in our horses’ lives.

There was a mental balance between life choices and regret. There was also duty and the discipline required to fulfill that duty. I realized that I had a family to protect and care for, that the several organizations I was involved in required extra work and financial help.

Crisis illuminates our duty more than ever to take care of our families, our loved ones and, if we are in a position of leadership, to take care of the people or animals who count on us. Success and leadership can only be tested in times of crises. This increased my motivation to take on the work load, and to go forward one day at the time.

Aristotle said: “tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society.” Today, more than ever, seems true. Tolerance for losing liberties & apathy towards the values we once held. Understating “noncompliance as a duty” when common sense is lost, offers hope. So does love, compassion & freedom of choice.

— Andrei Nana

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