Living with the Coronavirus

Now we wake up with sounds that we never heard before. The sound of the ocean and its waves, the birds, and the leaves of the trees. We enjoy the breeze and all its calm that leads us to learn things that because of being in a hurry we have not been able to learn
In these days of social distancing, we learned to be with ourselves, to develop patience and face what happens.

Perhaps the biggest concern is getting a loved one, friend, or one to be contagious. We realized how vulnerable and fragile we are and that sometimes we can’t control everything. When the virus began to spread in other countries, we saw so far for it to reach us. Day by day we got used to this new reality, which offers us the opportunity to be grateful and positive. Why has social distancing been so difficult for us? Not being able to hug, not having contact with family and friends. Coronavirus offered us a gift, the time with which we are so "enmeshed" that sometimes it gets out of hand. Moments of reading those dusty books that we had acquired months ago. Making that recipe for Grandma's cookies. Now we have the gift of enjoying time.

To realize what really matters. We continue to be productive at our homes. Families share more time together. Empathy, communication and above all charity has developed. The positive of this disease is seeing how the environment improved. It is a reboot of nature and of us. The concept of life as changed. The virus mutated our way of seeing life, making us stronger.


— Maribel Pagan, MA, LPC

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