New Resident

How could you ever find us in this beautiful little remote Alaska town? We’re not densely populated, not Wuhan, Milan, NYC. Not even on a road system...But you did. First alarming the world before you came here with confused images of far away bats, pangolins, crowded cages in markets and labs.

But you got here coming right across the channel in a plane to this little far away pristine almost not quite hidden place. You didn’t live here and now you do. You can be anywhere, often lurking covetously to pounce hosted through our touch, breath, frailties, sicknesses, and sundry objects.

Now every day the child-like part of me hopes you are gone from here and in each place you have been devouring, you the tiny oppressor, torturer, hypnotist. Go back to wherever it started before you became transformed with our help. But you can’t undo yourself now.

You need other transforming.

— Patricia Hauser, LCSW

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