Open Your Eyes

I have been watching you, wondering about you. I have seen you for centuries, through wars, through famine and feast, and yes, through disease. I have seen you transform from something I created to something I no longer recognize. I have seen you misuse me, fight valiantly to fix what you have created, to make me better. And I have tried to communicate with you, tried to reach out to you, to give you signs. And you rushed right by. You didn't have time. You couldn't spare the effort. And now what you most need, what you have always most needed, you still don't seem to understand.

Now it could be lost to you. No amount of your time, your success, your riches, or your fame can save you. And the ones you should have respected the most will go first. You will not be allowed to say your goodbyes. Will you listen now? Will you take the time to recognize that all you have ever had, all you will ever have is within you. And that should be all you need. You don't need me. What you need is you. Will you pay attention now? It is you that you should have been protecting. It is you that you should have been fighting for. It is you that must fix. Will you stop now? Will you now open your eyes and find yourself.


— Claire Nana, M.A.

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