That Retreat You Always Dreamt About

We may never know whether the forced and unbounded cessation of society saved lives. We can know what happened to us because we have been, for the most part, confined to home.

With the world somewhat upside down, that which is important has sorted itself from the superfluous. The voice or image of a friend, food to eat, walks to take, time to think, time to read, time to write: what was and is impoverishing economically was and is enriching spiritually.

Coming together electronically has become a reality, opening new doors for so much!

There is no such thing as virtual prayer or meditation, but each is available in this new world, and each is accessible owing to this windfall of time. No need to pack the bags, make the reservations, hustle to the airport, rush to the retreat house, unfurl the mat. It is all here, right before your eyes, and ears, and nose, and taste, and touch. Just add imagination.

Close the door to disease. Open the mind and heart and spirit to that still, small voice.



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