The Big Picture

Life is re-working humanity. The virus is doing the job. No one knows what will happen. Uncertainty is a component of what’s underway. The human experiment is being re-humanized.

The virus is a favor to us. Yes, it is a painful hardship. Lethal, in its very efficient way of cutting through everything; lives, structures and psyches. It is fundamentally disabling and enabling. Now, we have reason to believe the economy is not the most important part of our existence. Healing, will mean finding a new way of being. We are being made aware in a way that only clear and present death can do.

The virus is also drawing out of us greater capacity. We are being sensitized. Social distancing is making us more aware of each other, and is leading to the discovery that it isn’t physical proximity that is the source of connection. Omnipresent death, difficulty, and uncertainty is threatening and softening us up — growing us. The restoration of unknowing and mystery is frightening, but it has the effect of creating greater realization, that life entails a natural vulnerability, which deepens our regard for all existence.

The Corona virus is bringing us back to our greatest attribute. We are a social species. Together we are stronger, more creative, with greater awareness and sensitivity. Our shared awe is essential. The virus is a hubris killer, disrupting us, and evolving us.

— l/d

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