The Hug

If I had known, I would have lingered
pressing our hearts together
in that strange and sacred embrace.
Inhaling the fragrance of
your friendship, kindship, your being
feeling your hair on my cheek
and the texture of your sweater.

We murmured our goodbyes
until next time -
meant to be a day, a week,
not a year, not a lifetime.

We pull apart, eyes meet again
with gentle knowing:
let this sacred touch keep you
and be a balm for tortured thoughts,
a vessel for secrets yet to share.

Had I known, I would have held you longer,
breathed in more of you
felt your heart a few more beats.
But had we known,
it might have been unbearable.

Now we hug in imagination,
remembering the bliss of casual communion,
and let this memory carry us
until next time.


— LM

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