Who would have thought that a gentle touch could be so dangerous
when it is such a critical part of our wellbeing?
How can we stay grounded and sane without a hug,
a pat on the back, a hand shake?

Who would have thought that we could recognize a smile
from seeing a slight crinkle around the eyes,
a nod in passing, a wave?
We have to look closely above masks to make that connection.

We continue to learn and adapt as Covid-19 engulfs us.
We are finding ways to maintain relationships
in the midst of chaos and uncertainty
and hold fiercely to the love that binds us together.

Our hearts continue to beat with the rhythm of life
as we press on through the shadows our eyes cannot penetrate.
We are finding our way in the dark by searching and by accident,
and we keep moving forward any way that we can.

We are resilient and brave, determined and innovative
even though we have no idea how to find a resolution
that will give us hope and will save us.
One step, one day at a time moves us through fear.

We are holding in reserve the touch
that will bring us back together,
waiting until it is time
to feel safe again.

— Dottie Joslyn


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