You’ve created impossible conflicts in our basic human priorities

The unwritten rules that we live by have suddenly changed. Unwritten rules are generally invisible to us—until they change. Two unwritten rules are “You earn your keep” and “You protect those you love.” These unwritten rules are directly at odds for many of us right now. Take the example of a dual wage-earning couple—perhaps one has been suddenly laid off and the other is a healthcare professional whose work is deemed “essential.” Due to the layoff, they need the income of the healthcare worker, but there is an invisible catch-22.

For that health care worker or teacher to earn income, he or she must go into their work environment without adequate personal safety equipment or a vaccine. As a result, those of us who are working may put loved ones at home in danger of becoming ill. Even though we are told that children are not a “high risk” group, the desire to protect our children from any risk is a primal drive. We are continually facing these kinds of catch-22 situations, torn between two highly unacceptable outcomes.


— Shauna ‘Doc’ Springer

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