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Critique of Psychotherapy & Psychiatric Diagnosis

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 On Psychotherapy & Counseling:


How to Choose a Therapist

Creating a Village for the Mentally Ill

The Hazards of Managed Care

Boundaries & Dual Relationships:

Definitions and Key Points

Boundaries in Therapy – Summary Brochure

Overview of Therapeutic Boundaries YouTube


Clients Googling Therapists:

Clients Googling Therapists

Google Factor

Therapists Googling Clients:

Should Therapist Google Clients?

Therapists Googling Clients

Home-Based Therapy:

Overview: In-Home/Home-Based Therapy

In-Home Therapy: Ethical & Legal Issues Transcript

Mental Health Apps:

Apps in Categories

Cinema Therapy & Therapeutic Movies:

Therapeutic Themes in Movies

Critique of Psychotherapy & Psychiatric Diagnosis:

Critique of Attitudes to Dual Relations:

How Consensus Regarding The Prohibition Of Dual Relationships Has Been Contrived

Going Too Far in the Right Direction: The Mythic Ban of Dual Relationships

Critique of the DSM:

DSM: Diagnosing for Money and Power

DSM and Profit

Critique of the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSK) Diagnosis:

Re-Thinking PTSD Transcript

Rethinking the “Power-Differential” Myth:

Myths of Power in Therapy

On Power in Psychotherapy & Counseling

Risk Management:

The Risk of Risk Management: How It Increases Risk and Decreases Effectiveness

Ethical Risk Management

Subsequent Therapist Syndrome:

Subsequent Therapist Syndrome

Recap STS

Additional Critique:

The Risk of Risk Management

Myths & Faulty Beliefs in Therapy

The Culture of Victims and How Therapists Fuel the Victim Industry

Controversies in Psychology:

30 Controversial Issues in Psychology

Facebook & Psychotherapy


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