Re-Visiting the Battle Experience


During my visit to Israel in 2022 during memorial-day for the fallen soldiers I joined my best friend to his military units annual memorial-day ceremony on the Golan Hight where his small unit was surprised attacked in the 1973 war and found itself surrounded by hundreds of Syrian’s tanks and soldiers. I chose to walk into one of the dark underground tunnels in the old military base in an attempt to remember and re-live my battle experience in the 73 war in the Egyptian front across the Suez Canal. As expected, walking into the dark, long and narrow tunnel, I encountered strong bodily memories of tunnel fighting, of keeping the non-stop the intense fire upfront/ahead while stepping on enemy soldiers’ dead bodies. These memories were intense, fortunately they did not activated any of my PTSD, on which I ‘worked’ for many years, after I finally realizes the stupidity of the belief I was indoctrinated with, that “Israeli paratroopers do not get PTSD”

— Ofer Zur, Ph.D.

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