Internet Gaming Addiction Seminar in Singapore

By Ofer Zur, Ph.D.


Online gaming has a lot to teach us about education and how children and young people learn, and as importantly, like to learn. One of the most important things that young people need to learn is how to find a healthy balance between their online and offline lives.

This workshop will explore Internet and Gaming Addiction, the Psychology of the Web, and address how to help adolescents addicted to the Internet and Gaming recover and achieve healthy balance. Dr. Zur will conduct role-playing scenarios to illustrate how to treat clients, using workshop participants who will be invited to act as addicted teens, worried parents and educators.

online gaming addiction

Course Details

9~10 September 2013 (Monday & Tuesday)

9.30am – 5.30pm

37 Middle Road, 5th Floor, Uweei Building
Singapore 188946
(Near to Bugis MRT station)

Course Objectives

  • Train professionals to understand the relationship that children and young people have to technology
  • Teach professionals to help parents understand their children
  • Discuss the psychology of the web what children and teens gain from spending time online
  • Explore what online gaming has to offer the realm of education
  • Determine the role of parents and educators in helping teens come to a healthy balance (this means more than simply talking at teens to get off the computer; it means integrating technology themselves in a healthy way)
  • Teach professionals to identify and treat Internet Addiction


Dr. Zur will teach via lecture, power point presentations, video clips, question & answer, discussion, role-playing and case study examination. The course will be interactive and have plenty of room for audience members to bring in their own case studies and ask questions.

Who Should Attend

Mental health professionals, teachers, educators, administrators, parents, anyone who interacts with and instructs members of the digital era should attend.


Ofer Zur, Ph.D., is a consultant, licensed psychologist, writer, forensic consultant and lecturer from Sebastopol, California. He is a pioneer in the development of the ethical and effective psychotherapy and counselling practice and is a prolific writer and researcher. Dr. Zur is the director of the Zur Institute (, which offers over 160 unique and innovative, online continuing education courses to psychologists, social workers, and counselors. He is one of the most prominent consultants and forensic experts in the area of therapeutic boundaries.

Participants who meet 75% class attendance will be awarded a Certificate of Accomplishment by the Academy of Human Development.

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