A New President Offers Hope

Today is the last day of the Presidency of Donald Trump, which to me has been a relentless assault on truth, morality, ethics, democracy, the rule of law and the environment. I am frightened and sad that 74 million Americans thought that a cruel, self-centered heartless man who lacks even a shred of empathy should be entrusted to another four years. I am scared when I see his followers violently storm the Capital and try to overthrow the will of the people. I am shocked at how many people bought into and promoted the Big Lie of election fraud.

But tomorrow is a new day and I am hopeful. I am hopeful that a man with a heart is leading our nation once again. I am hopeful that he has chosen a team that is truly representative of who we are as a nation today. I am hopeful that even Social Media giants have stood up to stem the tide of misinformation. I am hopeful that even someone as manipulative and power-hungry as Mitch McConnell has finally spoken the truth. I am hopeful that there are more people in this country who believe in truth than lies. I am hopeful that the basic goodness of humanity will have its day.

We have faced worse times, and I am hopeful that today, the first rays of the light of dawn coming out of the darkness will usher in a new wave of truth, compassion, empathy and love.


— Joe Bavonese


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