Be The Light

One of my favorite things to buoy myself upon. Its been getting a workout lately, given these trying times. And my hope felt ragged and weary. How much more heaviness would hope have to carry before there was some good news? Where is there a shimmering light of goodness I can cling to.

With everything going on politically, environmentally, economically it may feel a bit foolish to cling to hope, and its hard to battle against the nihilistic whats the point / its too late line of thinking. But hear me out. We each can be that glimmer of hope, that light in the darkness, when we choose to be kind, to be of service, to help others, to trust the big picture will reveal that goodness always wins, in the end. How I strengthen my own hope is by giving hope to others, its the only way that works for me. When I can see another human being, and I can celebrate them for who and what they are, or I can offer comfort or solace to another, my hope grows. When I can get out of my own head that is reeling with worst case scenarios and offer help to a neighbor, the light inside me illuminates the dark corners.

I know its not the easiest of times to remain positive, at least for me. But there are miracles happening every instant, all around us. And I refuse to surrender to the notion that there's no point in trying. I choose to be the light, and offer hope to others one day at a time, and in so doing, I find that I am encouraged myself to believe that things really will work out

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— Susannah

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