Indissoluble Hope

I looked and looked for an answer to the question of what brings me hope and discovered hope was not something I had to beckon or find.

Hope revives me when my heart feels cold and it’s winter and I’m walking outside thinking about the divide in our country and a neighbor walks by and I look up and wave and clap and and encourage her to keep warm, and we laugh together as we pass.

Hope humbles me when I change my mind and turn my cart around in the grocery store to find the woman who scorned me for snatching the last three bags of cooking apples -- when I find her isles away, offer her one of the bags, and see forgiveness on her face as she lifts the bag of apples into her cart.

Hope sustains me when kings and kingdoms rise and fall.

Hope lives in my soul as a gift from God.


— Lee Ann Haney

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