The Lord gives me hope!


The Lord gives me hope! My employer, a Christian counseling agency, sold out. I didn't feel settled about joining the new, secular, agency but I also had no intention of starting my own practice. I did, however, pray about it. I told the Lord, "If I'm supposed to do this, you're going to have to come up with the name because I don't have time to think about it. Oh, and it has to have the word 'hope' in it." The next day, as I was doing paperwork, the words "One Hope Counseling" came to mind. My husband, although supportive, said the name "didn't really ring for him." The next morning, the song that started my day happened to be Hope Darst singing "Don't Let Go", with lyrics that go,..."hold onto hope and don't let go." I opened my new devotional and there was a devotion about hope. Then I got in my car to drive to town and Phil Wickham's "Living Hope" was playing. You can bet I soon became the proud owner of One Hope Counseling. God had been so good to me.

— Kathryn Lichty

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