The Flu, Reconsidered

It feels so good after having the flu.
Breathing easier the daylight seems
brighter, life seems more livable and
each moment more precious.

But must we catch the flu to remember
this clandestine truth? Or worse, must
we experience the horror of a loved one
in distress or in danger before we truly
relish the miracle of their presence?

Must we bargain with gods and angels
before we can savor the multitude of
blessings that envelope us? This food,
this breath, these friends, this life?

Gratitude is the divinely sculpted stone
path upon which we walk. All too often
we tend to the trivial weeds of suffering

Giving thanks is the mystery within the
inner sanctum of the temple. Celebrating
how blessed we are, is essential.

Having to first get the flu is optional.

— Bruce Silverman

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