Internet Gaming Addiction
Course Syllabus

Two Days Intensive Training on Internet Gaming Addiction
November 19-20, 2009, Singapore

Presented by Ofer Zur, Ph.D.



Day 1: Thursday, November 19, 2009

Psychology Of Technology

  • Introduction to the Psychology of Technology
    • Utility and impact of computer technology
    • Positive & alluring aspects of computers, Internet and online gaming
  • Stressful aspects of technology
    • Overwhelmed due to informational overload
    • Undesirable features of the Internet
    • Consequences of techno-stress
  • Technology, sense of time and pace of life
    • Co-evolution of speed, technology, community, humanity
    • Technological myths: “Time is money!”
    • Types of time
  • Generational digital divide
    • Styles, types, modalities, length, Synchronistic vs. A-synchronistic
    • Multitasking and the generational digital divide
    • Differences in social networking, media consumption, values, relationships to technology, work, authority
  • Solutions: Dealing with techno-stress, digital divide, information overload etc.
    • Application to Singapore

Consequences Of Watching Violence On Videos, Movies And Online Gaming

Nature Of Addiction

  • Introduction to addictions
    • Types
    • Diagnosis
    • Addiction as a process

Internet And Gaming Addiction: An Introduction

  • Internet addiction:
    • Is it a mental disorder?
    • What is “healthy” or “normal”?
  • Internet gaming: Scope of problem across the globe
  • Computer games
    • Types & Genre
    • The dynamic of Player-Parent-$$
    • Progression and traps

Day 2: Friday, November 20, 2009

Warning Signs Of Playing Internet Gaming

  • Online Gaming Addiction main warning signs
  • Behaviors to look for in assessing excessive usage

Assessment And Causes Of Internet Gaming

  • Assessment of Internet Gaming Addiction
    • Signs of gaming addiction in children
    • Signs of gaming addiction in adults
    • Internet gaming addiction – Self assessment
    • Beard and Wolf’s Criteria for Maladaptive Internet Use
    • Self assessment of gambling addiction
    • Internet Addiction Test
    • reSTART Internet Addiction Recovery Program –Assessment
    • Survey for youth
    • Diagnosis of Internet or Gaming Addiction: Diagnostic Criteria for Internet Addiction for College (DC-IA-C)
  • Causes of gaming addiction
    • Cultural
    • Familial
    • Psychodynamic
    • Socio-cultural
    • Behavioral
    • Bio-medical


  • Cyber-sex Addiction
  • Cyber-Relations Addiction
  • Net Compulsions
  • Information Overload
  • Computer Addiction

Risks And Negative Effects Of Internet Gaming

  • Co-Morbidity
  • The special risk at colleges and university campuses
  • Negative effects of Internet gaming addition:
    • Physical, Emotional, Work, School, Stalking, Bullying, Porn, Desensitization to violence, Predatory behavior
  • Internet Addiction: History and Debate
    • Terminology
    • Alternative view: Phases in use of Internet
    • Gambling and Internet addiction-Are they comparable?
  • Treatment options for Internet Gaming Addiction
  • What makes the Internet so addictive?

Parents And Children: Most Important Arena

  • Parents’ Attitudes
  • Observing and watching the children play online
  • Understanding the child’s experience and the allure of the games
  • Cycles in parents in-effective behavior
  • Self reflection
  • What to avoid
  • Literacy program for parents
  • Children’s developmental needs
  • Ways for parents to approach their children

Treatments And Interventions

  • Behavioral Modification
    • General principles
    • Application to Internet gaming addiction
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
    • General principles
    • Application to Internet gaming addiction
  • 12 Step (AA) Model
    • General principles
    • Application to Internet gaming addiction
  • Harm Reduction Model
    • General principles
    • Application to Internet gaming addiction
  • Treatment Centers
    • General principles
    • Application to Internet gaming addiction
  • Outward Bound
    • General principles
    • Application to Internet gaming addiction
  • Online Gamers Support group
    • General principles
    • Application to Internet gaming addiction

Cyber Wellness – Singapore’s Approach

  • Overview and DefinitionM
  • General Principles and program goals
  • Interventions: CRuSH, etc

Additional Treatment Options

  • Self-Help
  • Telehealth
  • Focus on potential positive use of games & Educational games


  • Online-Offline
  • Fast-Slow-Stillness
  • Internet-Innernet

Application Of The Workshop To The Academy Of Human Development

  • Working with youth & working with parents
  • Working with parents and children
  • Working with the community and the schools

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