Ethics of Dual Relationships & Multiple Relationships

Resources on Multiple Relationships in Psychotherapy & Counseling, Sport Psychology, Social Networking, Forensic, Rural, Military, Rehab, Police, Prisons/Jails, Educational Settings & Supervision for Psychotherapists, Counselors and Mental Health Professionals

By Ofer Zur, Ph.D.

Multiple Relationships in Different Settings
Dual Relationships in the Military

Dual Relationships in Police Psychology

Dual Relationships in Rural Practice

Dual Roles in Rehab & AA Communities

Dual Roles in Religious & Spiritual Communities

Facebook & Digital Multiple Relationships

Forensic Expert v. Treater

Multiple Relationships in Correctional Psychology

Multiple Roles in Educational Institutions

Multiple Relationships in Sport Psychology

Multiple Roles in Supervisory Relationships

Dual Relationships in Total Institutions

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