Deciding on a Path Before It Was Too Late

I remember my early 40s when I found out I had autoimmune disease (a platelet disorder). At first I couldn't believe the news ... I was in classic denial. Slowly reality seeped in and I accepted the fact that I would have to take oral chemo the rest of my life.

The next two years were awkward. I joined the ranks of the unemployed and entered a system that is woefully inadequate to take care of one person, let alone two (my young daughter and I). Yes, the oral chemo was that debilitating; I could barely get up in the morning. Thankfully my brain still worked (although I'm not sure why when everything else wasn't).

I decided to study and meditate ... to ponder my ideas about the world. I visited a coffee house in the early mornings armed with books of all types and pads of paper; I read alot, including many dissenting opinions, and wrote. I became a philosopher of sorts as I got reaquainted with myself on a whole new inner level.

While this was great, I knew I needed to get off the chemo, as it was worse than the disease. Conventional medicine was only helping me into the grave. I tried my first holistic treatment, stopped the chemo, and lo and behold, the progression of the disease process stopped.

The next 25 years are history; I'm on a path that is life-giving...and today I enjoy abundant health.

What has been your life story? Want to try something different? Educate yourself, listen to your heart, and trust it.

Have a happy, holistically healthy day.

To Life!


— Dr. Donna Poppendieck

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