Healthcare Companies that Prioritize Profit over Care

I was working as a consultant for a major chain of for-profit, mostly inpatient mental health hospitals. I was actually hired to prepare the facilities for compliance and accreditation, but I was also highly encouraged to assist the company in expanding the base target market which was individuals with generous insurance coverage.

One of the methods this company utilized was to hire RN's to respond to, travel and evaluate potential clients for inpatient eating disorder treatment; predictably the evaluation was largely based on insurance coverage versus actual healthcare needs.

This moral dilemma was exacerbated by the lucrative financial contract I was operating under and my need to provide for my family

Ultimately I quit the company after several unsuccessful attempts to encourage a more wholistic approach. The next for-profit company I worked for, first as a consultant and then as an employee, was a company that demonstrated thoughtful care for its clients, employees, and the counties it served, validating for me that profit and integrity need not be mutually exclusive.


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