I Know This Much is True

When I read the novel, "I know this much is True," by Wally Lamb I related to the characters because their circumstances were eerily like my own. The dilemma I have faced, and our family has faced, for years is how to help a precious family member who is mentally ill.

I cannot count how many times I've visited this member in and out of hospitals, or received late night phone calls.

Morally our family tries to be encouraging, but emotionally are exhausted. Years of extensive therapy and different medication changes have seemed to not be helpful.

The dilemma I face as an adult is will I take care of this family member, or will I have to say I cannot. There are no easy answers and even less hope for help at this point.

My mother often cries, as have I year after year, hoping for relief to suffering for this loved one.

— Anonymous

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