Should I Stay Or Should I Go

So many moral dilemmas to choose from, my world is rife with these clashes, perhaps I chose that experience for this life.

There, of course, are the dilemmas of the personal kind I've gone through, should I keep the baby even though the father is abusive, and addict, unavailable, even though I am not ready to be a mom, I don't want a baby with this man, I can't afford a kid, I don't want to end up a mom like my mom... those stories happened, they are real dilemmas, gut-wrenching excruciating no one wins dilemmas.

But what comes to mind recently, during our nations crumbling democracy and staggering inequities is my dilemma about money. Should I quit my public school teacher job that does not cover basic expenses for me and my kids and teach a private, privileged pod for well to do [mostly white] rich folks, making 3 to 4 times as much $ but abandoning those whom I love to serve. My dilemma, I want to care for my kids, I want to be secure for them to feel stability, but not at the expense of my moral code, my belief in fair and free education for all. So, I decided to stay in my public school job.

I am trusting being true to my beliefs will reward me tenfold in so many ways to receive abundance, and that is the legacy I wish to share with my kids. That being a good person, making good choices, builds character and self love.


— Sas

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