My Hopes for Next Year

As we enter the new year, after reflecting on the chaos of this year, especially what they are calling a pandemic and how otherwise intelligent people are acting and reacting, I find myself really hoping that it will come to an end and life pretty much will return to a more normal state, with people not being so afraid. Hopefully people will learn to take better care of their health - especially their immune systems. I personally feel betrayed by all the goings-on and decisions being made that affect me and my personal freedoms. The following poem, written in the 1990s by me, shows how this type of chaos affects me and how I feel about it. If nothing else, this experience reminds me of the fact that we have a very powerful God!

Masque of Betrayal

Betrayal is hell,
burning, blazing well;
inferno on water,
gut wrenching slaughter:

I have no heart left.

So feels it
by trust and love.
Masquerade of friendship -
there's no Dove

living here.

Like white trash as flowers,
hatred - guise of towers
of righteousness and strength.
Really, though, a stench

in the cloak of truth
A study of ruse.
Hope, trust, friendship -
is there an end to this?

God conquers all.
Love is too tall
to be squashed and eliminated.
Loyalty, in God's eye
reigns supreme.

You can't take my good away from me.


— Dr. Donna Poppendieck

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