Been a Victim of Systematic Racism All my Life

A black male here age 59, I was born 1960 during a time of the civil right's era when there was a lot of hope in this country for black people to be integrated into this society and left alone to exist as normal and regular people trying to survive and make it in this world.

I grew up during the 70's on the west side of a city. I have witnessed all types of racism and discrimination and have been a victim of it.

I have seen and experienced all types of unjustified discrimination based on my skin color and other negative images promoted on a regular basis in the media. It has denied me all type of real opportunity to be successful in this short life. Even after being in the military and getting a college degree and right up to this day. I am still being denied opportunity. Overall, the so-called dream of MLK Jr. has become a full blown nightmare for all the so-called black people of today.


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