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The term “Subsequent Therapist Syndrome” (STS) was coined by Dr. Ofer Zur and refers to those circumstances where the subsequent (current, next, or new) psychotherapist may act unethically or even illegally when providing an “expert opinion” regarding a former therapist’s (supposedly) unethical or illegal conduct. These are the cases where the subsequent therapist’s evaluation and judgment are solely based on their theoretical bias, rigid view of therapeutic boundaries, and/or a client’s self-report. These are the situations where the “ST” arrives at firm and clear conclusions without reviewing the psychotherapy records or other relevant collateral evidence, or without consulting the former therapist.


Subsequent Therapist Syndrome: Are we our worst enemies

STS – Recap

Subsequent Therapist

Standard of Care, Risk of Risk Management, and Subsequent Therapist Syndrome

APA Article: Psychologists helping psychologists: Determining your responsibilities when you believe a colleague may have behaved unethically

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