My Most Important Teacher

How I came to Emulate Admirable Behaviors

At this time in my life, between 68 and 80 years, I spend time with my primary teacher every day. I met her 12 years ago, an unexpected surprise. I was resistant to making the kind of commitment that would be required, especially financially. I said yes.

During these years, and continuing every day, I have been presented with access to eight concepts or qualities which would make for a good life, but with which I had little familiarity.
1. End every encounter on a positive note
2. Lead with the Heart
3. Patience
4. If it isn’t working after three tries, do it differently
5. Always be authentic, your best self.
6. Be completely present, wherever you are
7. It’s not about power, but clear, honest communication
8. Ignore all of the above and you can easily get hurt

Trust has developed slowly, from the very start. From what I can see, she, too, has had experiences that betray trust. She calls out to me when she sees me coming, or hears my car approaching, but once I get there she’s quiet and seems content as we proceed.

She’s a big girl, and I could easily get hurt, but she would never hurt me intentionally. If something happened, it would be either carelessness on my part on not paying attention and honoring, her true nature.

Her name is Dakota, she weighs 1100 pounds, and she’s my Draft-mix/ mare.


— Kit Carson


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