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    • A more than 100% positive experience! The Neurobiology of Alcoholism was excellent. It is very difficult to find CE courses with a real neuropsych/neurophysiology emphasis. I recently attended a CE class where the neurobiology content consisted of the word neurobiology used in the title and the word hippocampus used twice during the lecture.
      T.W., Ph.D., CA, US
    • I have taken various courses with your institute. I just really appreciate Dr. Zur’s authenticity and candor. I purchased a lot of courses when I started my private practice because I didn’t know how to do things and I wanted to train myself better. The trainings at your institute help me with my clinical and assessment skills but also with the stuff that comes with doing your own business.Right now, I am taking Dr. Zur’s course entitled Therapy Outside the Office. I appreciate Dr. Zur’s flexible approach, the authenticity in his message, as well as his disclosure of his own experiences in his practice.So much compassion. Anyway, I just wanted to share how much I get from these trainings. Thank you so much.
      K.T., PhD, QME, California, US
    • Thank you Lynn for your incredibly fast response and correction. I will continue to use Zur Institute to further my knowledge base. Knowing that there are people like you behind the scene ensuring professionalism and integrity just solidifies my committment.
      Thank you sooo much! Sincerely,
      S.M., RN, LPCC, ATR-BC, New Mexico, US
    • I really want to say that this was the best course I’ve taken in years! ( HIPAA and Technology in Mental Health Practices)
      S.G., M.A., California, US
    • Hello Dr. Dave, Dropping you a note of deep appreciation for the courses on Jungian Psychotherapy from the Zur Institute. I am a military officer and psychologist starting my path in Jungian Analysis after becoming rather disillusioned by the evidenced based zeitgeist dominating current practice. I am a war veteran (Afghanistan with the Marines) and currently direct a clinic geared to stop suicidal behavior in soldiers. For my own healing, Jungian therapy has been the only method I’ve found that has helped me personally after trying everything else! Being in a remote location (Fort Drum in Northern NY state) and having 3 disabled children has limited my ability to find trainings and your course helped me a great deal… so thank you very much. On a slight aside, I’ve begun incorporating Jungian concepts to the treatment of suicidal soldiers with rather remarkable success. Between my own analysis and your program, I’ve been able to really put some impactful therapeutic methods into place that alters the suicidal mindset very successfully. Thanks again!
      S.E., Ph.D., NY, US
    • I am a Recreation Therapist and I work in a prison with a medical focus. I work with the psych patients. I do not get training in the psych area that helps me deal with the constant flow of deception and psychological conditions. It’s difficult deciding when and if I need to believe someone who is trying to get help, compared to a man wanting a woman’s attention. This course helped me understand more of who I should confront, if I should confront and when I should confront the men displaying the deceptive behavior. It also helps me figure out who is utilizing the services for rehabilitation and not just wanting the benefit that comes along with attending group, such as earning good behavior points.
      A.B., B.A., California, US
    • I want to say that these courses have been and will be a great help for my own practice. My best. (Certificate Program in Trauma)
      A.B., M.S.W., Massachusettes, US
    • I can always count on Zur Institute to provide excellent course quality in developing my knowledge in subjects I choose. Topics in private practice are always timely and taught thoroughly. I also appreciate the humor one experiences from those who teach as well as their significant knowledge and experience. Thank you (TeleMental Health: The New Standard)
      S.B., Ed.D., North Carolina, US
    • What I love about your program is you really have to work at knowing the information. Not like others, that kind of guides you to find one question after another in a row…I am really enjoying your trainings. Especially since I have big trouble with memory. But the way your program is set up, I learn the hard way – by real studying. That way I could keep that information wedged in my brain, to use it upon request or when I need it. Big thank you!
      I.L., L.M.F.T., California, US
    • Hello Dr. Zur,I cannot thank you enough for eliciting empathy for my generation during your “Ethics with Soul” workshop at CAMFT’s annual conference!This was the 1st time I have felt supported and validated as a newly licensed MFT and as a millennial. I am so grateful that a seasoned mental health professional like yourself is able to understand us with curiosity rather than judgement. I am also so glad that you’re able to advocate for us because so many younger people have been put down so much that they’ve given up. I want to join with you in advocating for the “young ones,” especially when talking to the older generation. I appreciate the work you’ve done and continue to do. Thanks again!
      S.C., L.M.F.T., California, US
    • I love all of the Zur courses I have taken so far — they are always interesting and insightful! (Gifts in Therapy)
      M.A., M.S.W., Minnesota, US
    • Mind expanding topic about a often misunderstood topic both in terms of how it is taught and internalized by Interns of MFT like myself and the entire field. WOW! (The Ethics of Touch)
      J.B., M.A., California, US
    • i am so appreciative of having the opportunity to participate! i have been in the body mind field since the 1980s and am so glad we have come so far!healers indeed!!! (Holistic Psychotherapy: Treating the Whole Person)
      M.M., L.C.S.W., M.S.W., California, US
    • This course content was of great interest. I have not engaged in any research and thought that it might be boring to read, but I was so wrong. I am grateful to all the contributors. (Intergenerational Trauma)
      B.G., M.Ed., North Carolina, US
    • I am a movie buff so the fact that movies were incorporated into this training was perfect for me. Some of the movies are definitely on my list of favorite movies. Thanks for the creativity and the detailed course! (Therapeutic Ethics and the Movies )
      M.A., L.M.F.T., California, US
    • I found this critique of positive psychology fascinating. Thank you! (Pros and Cons of Positive Psychology)
      H.H., M.S.W., California, US
    • Dr Marty Klein is by far one of your best instructors..I so appreciate the way he communicates information. Very easily understood, interesting, filled with humor……JUST GREAT!!!I really learned a lot, THANK YOU Dr. Ofer Zur for offering this type of coursework to us. Makes CEU’s so much more enjoyable. Feel like I am really learning something working in this self study manner, vs going to a conference/workshop. (Sexual Issues – Diagnosis and Treatments)
      J.K., M.A., California, US
    • Electronic and social media discussion was helpful and innovative. I appreciate the use of Zur’s forms. (Confidentiality in Psychotherapy and Counseling)
      F.S., Ph.D., California, US
    • Being a Jungian psychotherapist, I was concerned that it might be too introductory. While it was more of a survey than I am used to – I could have listened to a whole seminar on just one of the modalities – it was so full of new and clarifying information that I was more than satisfied. I’m always amazed at how I can be exposed to a concept again and again and hear it in a different way each time, always learning something new. (Jungian Psychotherapy: Active Imagination)
      E.S., M.A., Maine, US
    • There were a lot of things I thought I knew about this topic that were narrow and/or inaccurate. The course was really useful in expanding my knowledge base!(Cybersex and Internet Sex Addiction)
      S.E., Psy.D., New York, US
    • I conduct assessments with children, teens and young adults. Frequently, families have older members and this information helps me to better understand the global challenges of the family as they all transition together. Thanks!
      C.M., Ph.D., California, US
    • Excellent course on a topic rarely addressed so well.(Power in Psychotherapy and Counseling)
      S.G., Ph.D., California, US
    • Since I am a practitioner who uses EAP, it is very helpful to learn about the current state of this modality in various settings and locations. (Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy)
      P.M., MSW, South Carolina, US
    • One of the better courses I have taken for CEs as a professional.
      L.R., Ph.D., Nevada, US
    • Thank you for providing valuable tools and resources in a clear, reliable, professional and ethical way. I appreciate knowing I will always receive a quality product from the Zur Institute! (Coaching for Clinicians)
      A.L., M.S.W., Florida, US
    • I liked the combination of articles and audio material, data and first person accounts, and the range of perspectives. I was surprised how engaging it was (Suicide).
      J.W., Ph.D., Washington, US
    • This was my second on-line course through The Zur Institute. I have benefited from both courses. I have recommended Zur Institute to other professionals. Thank you.
      C.Y., M.S., LMFT, Maine, US
    • Thank you! Very resourceful, informative, and educational! Really like the way you put the study materials and instructions of getting it done! (Human Sexuality: Advances and Treatment)
      Y.H., Ph.D., Indiana, US
    • Starting my own private practice so this was especially helpful and I learned a lot. Reassuring and instructive. (Record Keeping)
      C.P., Psy.D., California, US
    • Roy Huggins really did an amazing job! This information was extremely relevant to me and to my goals of starting a telemental health component of my practice. I loved the videos. They really enhanced my learning and made it easier for me to make time to focus on the material. (Telehealth)
      D.T., Ph.D, California, US
    • Amazing CE course! (Couples In Therapy: Working Effectively)
      J.A., Ph.D., California, US
    • I want Dr. Zur to know that his work has been exceedingly helpful to me. I used his informed consent packet and it has been a good guardian and helpful informant for my practice. He is truly one of a kind.
      J.S., LCPC, Maryland, US
    • Dr Zur’s courses are always thorough, well thought out and “user Friendly”! (Supervision Specific to Social Work)
      R.G., MSW, California, US
    • This was my first course taken through Zur Institute. There are many options out there and I’m happy that I found this and don’t need to sift through others. I plan to do the majority of my CEUs here. Thank you. (Effective and Ethical Supervision course)
      J.P., Psy.D., California, US
    • I have used this website many times during the past few years, and continue to be impressed by the clarity, professionalism and up to date information it provides. A lot of rich information for reasonable fees. Thank you so much.
      C.B., Ph.D., California, US
    • This institute is wonderful. I honestly want to take most all courses and will over time. An absolute Asset to the profession. (Jungian courses)
      D.B., M.Ed., Malaysia
    • Highest quality of continuing education at an affordable price. Thank you. (Boundaries course)
      C.W., MA, BS, Iowa, US
    • Dr. Zur is an excellent educator and professional. He obviously has a passion for his work. I appreciate your knowledge and your dedication. I use all your material for my private practice (all the forms). Thanks.
      C.D., LCSW, Florida, US
    • Thank you for your most efficient and excellent website and follow up services!
      C.W., LCSW, California, US
    • This is the first time I didn’t give up on the hope that I could learn a lot of practical and implementable HIPAA information that would allow me to make immediate changes in my practice – changes that will further improve my compliance and ability to understand the related ethics, standards and guidelines. Thank you!
      L.G., PhD, Massachusettes, US
    • This was my first course taken through the Zur Institute and I will definitely be taking others. The materials were relevant, informative, and clear with input from area experts. Well done! (TeleMental Health)
      J.O., PhD, Georgia, US
    • About 2 months ago I took your online HIPAA course. It was wonderful. This training has been a major help to our staff. Thank you!
      C.G., MS, LPC, LSATP, MAC, Virginia, US
    • Over the past several years I’ve taken a number of courses for fulfillment of CEUs. The Zur Institute courses blow the rest out of the water. The material is consistently presented in a clear, concise, interesting and relevant manner.
      R.F., Ph.D., Massachusettes, US
    • I recently completed your certificate program in Telemental Health. These courses are amazing! I have been doing eTherapy with my California clients for the past 18 months, because I was called back home to New England to help a friend with a terminal illness. I am a digital immigrant, who thought little of the possibilities. (I will be 70 in a few weeks!) My experience soon proved me wrong. My clients are flourishing. Your courses have given order and shape to what I basically stumbled into with bubble gum and bailing wire. They have also inspired me to continue to develop my practice along these lines going forward. I hope this finds you happy and well. Thank you so much,
      A.B., L.M.F.T., California, US
    • As always, your programs make CEU’s as easy, painless, and simple as possible, and yet are substantive as well. I recommend you highly to colleagues whenever the topic of CEU’s comes up. (Anxiety Disorders)
      A.S., Ph.D., California, US
    • I think the supervision training I purchased from you was more in depth, had better supporting material, was more engaging, and was generally much better than other on-line supervision trainings that I have found. They often give the same content over and over, but yours provided new learning. Additionally, your training was focused on multiple learning styles and went beyond a simple lecture, which I appreciated.
      P.S., M.S.W., Minnesota, US
    • I chose Zur Institute for CEs because of the non-dogmatic viewpoint presented, and I can see it has helped modify the professional ethics for the good over time. (Termination)
      M.L., M.A., California, US
    • This has been an exceptional training. I greatly appreciate the information and how it was presented. Thank you. (Autism and the Neurodiversity Paradigm)
      B.N., LCSW, Washington, US
    • Dear Dr. Zur, Just finished your Hipaa Update. I must say that you provide a great service through your updates of Hipaa regs plus Hipaa forms-makes it easy to update and conform to current state of the art.
      L.L., Ph.D., California, US
    • I use Zur Institute CEU coursework because of the consistent value of the courses. (Treatment Planning Made Simple)
      P.A., M.S.W., California, US
    • Many thanks for excellent service. Probably the best online offerings and efficiency anywhere. Hats off.
      R.L., Ph.D., California, US
    • I have done several online courses with the Zur Institute at each license renewal for the past several years. This is a great resource for online continuing education. Dr. Zur is highly organized and timely in professional topics.
      S.B., Ed.D., North Carolina, US
    • This course (Counseling Boomers and Seniors) was highly effective in presenting relevant materials. I learned more from this course than any other I have taken with Zur Institute.
      T.R., M.S., Oklahoma, US
    • Unfortunately I left many CEU’s needing to be obtained too close to license renewal date. A colleague told me about Dr. Ofer Zur’s online coursework. I was DREADING taking the time to sit with the computer, wrongly thinking I would be bored out of my mind. It is quite the contrary, I am so unbelievably interested in the material!!! So far all the courses taken have been very informative, well organized, and very easy for someone like me who is somewhat challenged when using computers. Thank You Zur Institute.
      J.L., M.A., California, US
    • I have taken several Zur Institute courses over the years. I find them to be better organized, and with more useful material than many “in person” conferences I attend.
      S.G., M.S.W., New Jersey, US
    • I’ve found no other organization that matches your efficiency, wide range of course offerings, and ease of engagement. You make a laborious process about as pain-limited as possible. I recommend you highly to my colleagues – have for years now. Best,
      A.S., Ph.D., California, US
    • I was expecting this to be a waste of time but was very plesantly surprised to find this material was interesting, relevant and well done. I particularly like the material on ertoicism, marriage and women.
      A.J., M.A., California, US
    • These Zur Institute Trainings are simply the highest quality online trainings I have seen in my professional career of nearly a quarter century. Thank you Dr. Zur.
      J.C., MS, Georgia, US
    • This was the best course I’ve taken from Ofer Zur (Anxiety Disorders). It was theoretical, clinical, relevant, easily presented and hands on. I really liked it.
      A.G., Psy.D., California, US
    • Probably the most interesting course I’ve taken online. (Digital & Social Media Ethics)
      L.H., M.S.W., California, US
    • This was an outstanding course (Record Keeping). One of THE BEST online courses I have ever taken.
      D.T., MS., California, US
    • Overall excellent course and I am an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and AASECT Diplomate in Sex Therapy.
      J.C., Psy.D., New York, US
    • These ZUR courses are very intellectual and helpful to me as a supervisor. (Adv. Topics in Clinical Supervision)
      P.T., M.S.W., Idaho, US
    • Exceptional, deft handling of a fluid topic! Interesting, engaging discussions and useful, practical handouts. (TeleMental Health)
      J.D., M.S.W., Washington, US
    • Another excellent course (Cybersex & Internet Sex Addiction). Your site is the most user friendly and accommodating I frequent, right on par with Amazon and Netflix, the only other two that provide the usability you provide. Thank you.
      S.E., Ph.D., California, US
    • My compliments and support for your course offerings and your ongoing willingness to challenge the shibboleths and conventional wisdom of psychiatry and psychotherapy. I’d like to take several of your courses as you are one of the very, very few clinical educational organizations which offers any courses which challenges clinicians to think.
      H.K., MSW, California, US
    • I have taken multiple courses on HIPPA both in person and online. This is the best yet. The name of the course is perfect (HIPAA Made Simple). This is the friendliest HIPPA course ever.
      J.C., Ph.D., Georgia, US
    • Zur’s courses are always easy to do, easy to pass if you pay attention. and the price is right. If you have a chance to hear him in person, be ready to be entranced.
      L.M., Ph.D., California, US
    • I highly recommend this course (Digital and Social Media Ethics for Psychotherapists: Clinical and Ethical Considerations) to better understand the ethical challenges in professional counseling and the internet.
      J.Y., M.S., Idaho, US
    • The course (Therapist Self-Disclosure: Ethical and Clinical Considerations) was very well organized thus, easy!!! The web site itself worked functionally & was easy to complete course, thanks!!!
      C.S., M.S., California, US
    • Wow!!! Life changing experience taking your course, both personally and professionally! Seriously, it’s given me a much, much expanded vocabulary; a large set of therapy tools; and a lot of new horizons for personal and professional growth. I’m looking forward to learning more about the beginnings I’ve made.The CBT, DBT and Evidence-based devotees need a healthy dose of this course to counter-balance their ego-based concepts of humanity. Thanks so much,
      K.P., Ph.D., North Carolina, US
    • Pamela, Many thanks. You did me one better than I requested and I truly appreciate your help. I think the Zur Institute does a terrific job in educating practitioners and is extremely user friendly. Ofer is also a rational, reasonable psychologist! His presentations are articulate and well organized. And you are a terrific director of operations. I have recommended you all to many colleagues. Thank you again.
      N.D., Ph.D., California, US
    • For psychologists, the Zur Institute is the best provider of APA continuing eduction credits. I am very satisfied with its courses.
      H.M., Ph.D., California, US
    • You are so generous, I am delighted and grateful. Dr. Zur has been a God Send for my C.E.U.s while living abroad!Thank-you,
      T.P., Ph.D., Saudi Arabia
    • Dear Ms. Adler,You are wonderful! Thank you so much for promptly attending to my problem. I am so happy with the quality of Zur institute and especially with the personal service you provided me. I intend to continue using Zur institute for all of my CE credits. Thanks again!
      D.G., M.S., California, US4
    • I thank you for your congratulations with regard to completion of the courses! I thank you also for your kindness in offering me [help]! That means so much to me : ). I was beyond pleased with each course I completed, and navigation throughout each course and the website overall was very user friendly! I will most definitely utilize the Zur Institute for future educational needs, and I will also be sure to recommend the Zur Institute with highest compliments to anyone I know needing coursework of this kind. Thanks so much for all of your help!
      R.M., M.A., Wisconsin, US
    • Your materials are always top flight, the perspectives & range of your subjects refreshing; & I very much look forward to another opportunity to learn through them. Thank you (& happy belated New Year!),
      J.H., M.A., LMFT, California, US
    • This is my second course. I started taking the courses for the CEU’s but am learning so much on topics I am interested in that I will no longer have to worry about having the number of CEU’s needed for licensure!
      D.C., M.Ed., Kentucky, US
    • Dear Ms. Adler, I am impressed with your speedy response and appreciate you taking my concerns seriously. Thank you for letting me know that the issues have already been resolved. You can bet that when I next need CEUs, Zur Institute is where I will turn to. Have a great rest of the day! Best Regards,
      N.M., Ph.D., California, US
    • I have always used the Zur Institute and find it extremely helpful and easy to navigate.
      M.J., Ph.D., California, US
    • Oh my goodness, Deborah. You, Pamela, and the Zur Institute provide such wonderful customer satisfaction! I have been promoting the courses through word-of-mouth…. Thank you for all of your consideration. Warmly,
      D.P., M.A., Canada
    • Zur Institute’s DSM-5 – Friend or Foe? is by far the best online CE experience I have ever had! Thank you!
      S.B., Ed.D., North Carolina, US
    • Thank you so much. I love Zur Institute classes because you are always so responsive when I need help. I have used other CEU classes on-line in the past but had endless problems with the sites and no help available. I saw Dr. Zur in person a few years ago and think he’s brilliant and a good speaker, too.
      P.I., M.A., California, US
    • Thanks again for getting back to me so quickly. I think the Token Program is a great idea, because we can now select courses one by one, rather than all at once, which is nice. I really enjoy taking these courses and get a lot out of them and I appreciate your terrific customer service as well.
      L.W., Psy.D., California, US
    • Thank you for your quick response and for the information. I didn’t know how much of a change there was to the current version of the HIPAA course, so it’s helpful to know that it’s a major revision. I also had noticed the addition of the feature that allows one to purchase a bundle of tokens. It’s a great option. It makes it easier to find a package that’s of interest and that doesn’t include courses I’ve already taken.
      Thank you again for your help.
      S.F., PhD, MEd, LPC-S, Texas, US
    • I can’t wait to find more certificate courses you offer that I can use in my practice as a performance and life coach. Thank You!
      E.G., Psy.D, California, US
    • I really appreciate that the resources for this course (HIPAA) are regularly updated. I have taken a few courses through Zur and have enjoyed each of them. Thank you for providing such important and relevant information to this field.
      Kind regards,
      D.T., Counselor, Arizona, US
    • Hello Pamela,
      My sincere thanks for your positive response to my document access dilemma. I am grateful also that the author will be able to help outwith such short notice. Zur Institute is an incredible source fortraining; one of, if not the MOST, accessible resources I know of todate.
      Kind regards,
      F.M., Ph.D., California, US
    • I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the courses. These have to be the best courses I have ever taken in the field. I’m really happy I found your website. What a blessing!
      O.V., Ph.D, Canada
    • I value the deeper reflection required with Dr. Zur’s courses. Many other courses are too lightweight for me; they seem to cater to folks who just want to get through them quickly.
      W.W., Psy.D., California, US
    • I’ve taken two courses with you now and enjoyed them both immensely, and your customer service has been consistently amazing. In fact, when I found I needed one more course for my license renewal, one of my first thoughts was “let me check the Zur Institute. I bet they’ll have something fascinating.”
      M.O., Social Worker, North Carolina, US
    • Great course, I am so happy that I was referred to the Zur Institute from the Orange County Psychological Association CA. I plan to take many more CEUs from ZUR thanks again.
      T.J., Ph.D., California, US
    • I am extremely impressed with your speedy response to this concern. It is refreshing to deal with an institute that values their clients.
      Thank You Very Much,
      D.P., Psy.D., California, US
    • Pamela. U guys are so awesome. Thank you. I love your courses and you are so easy to work with when I have had questions or problems in the past. You are my number 1 place for ce courses.
      Thank you
      R.A., Psychologist, California, US
    • Wow, I am now more impressed with the Zur Institute: not only do you have excellent courses across a very wide range of topics, you really do take evaluation comments seriously. As already the case, I will continue to suggest your offerings to colleagues who are searching for CE classes, so many of which are not a good experience (especially the ethics classes which are often designed to scare clinicians into compliance with a rigidly legalistic perspective about providing care to people).

You folks are a “bargain” and valuable, particularly for us “senior” clinicians (30+ years in practice) who become tired of the usual CE offerings.
Best regards,
L.D., Ph.D.

    • Hi Dr. Zur, I said it again and again, THANK YOU. I am about to graduate in two months, and your website has been part of my success. Thanks you for your wisdom and generosity.
      W.C., Pre-License
    • Zur Institute is my favorite online CEU for psychology. Well done. Keep up the good work.
      N.F., Psy.D., California, US
    • Excellent course on Cybersex Addiction and Internet Infidelity. Makes me want to learn more. Raises my concern to protect my children and grandchildren.
      D.S., Ed.D., California, US
    • Dear Dr. Zur, Thank you so much for having such interesting and challenging online courses that go beyond traditional therapy and remind us of the whole person. I really enjoy the diversity and human-ness of the courses. Thanks again!
      P.J., Ph.D., Washington, US
    • I just want you to know how pleased I was with the online CEU coursework. I have referred three other clinicians to your website.
      A.K., Mental Health Coordinator, Maryland, US
    • Your voice of reason and truth are ALWAYS so welcome and refreshing! How is it that the individuals within the policy making institutions so easily lose their ability to THINK…..as well as their humaness???? Easier that way, I guess….no complexities to deal with…eeeyou!… can make a head hurt.
      T.M., Marriage and Family Therapist, California, US
    • I heard about this program from a presenter as I was unable to attend her ethic training and needed some ceus for licensure. I was pleasantly surprised at how this provided some interesting material. It kept my attention, and I felt as if was valuable information. Thank you.
      B.S., Licensed Professional Counselor, Maine, US
    • These are the most intelligently written courses and the most efficient website.
      G.C., Counselor, California, US
    • Dr. Zur: I have taken some of your courses and I have found them to be very useful and user friendly. The information I first got from you last year on Digital Natives/Digital Immigrants has been a life changing experience for me. I use the information in my therapy sessions and in my supervision of interns (and give you credit, of course). Thank you for this follow-up article which I am sure will be just as helpful.
      B.W., Ph.D., Idaho, US
    • Another hugely interesting article – and well-timed as I am speaking about technology next week. Many thanks for all the cutting edge material you write, and in particular for making it so freely available.
      H.T., Senior Accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist & Senior Lecturer
      S. A., Great Britain
    • Excellent presentations for GoodTherapy.org. I have heard you two times. I enjoy your style of presenting very much. Thank you.
      V.G., Licensed Clinical Social Worker, New York, US
    • Great variety of courses at a great price – passed on the info to the Psych Board!
      S.S., Psychologist, Colorado, US
    • I enjoy your newsletters, especially your thoughtful challenges to the received wisdom of the mental health industry.
      R.S., Psychologist, California, US
    • Dr. Zur’s information is more than just helpful, Dr. Zur himself is a needed voice of wisdom in this work. I am unfortunate enough to work in a region that is, frankly, suffocating any notion of beneficial dual relationships, innovations in caregiving, or just plain human warmth. This is a loss for the profession, and Dr. Zur’s work offers the antidote.

The Zur Institute is an amazing repository of knowledge, and represents the role of compassion, creativity, and ingenuity in treatment approaches. I wish I could insist that every administrator, Board, and supervisor could become familiar with the things Dr. Zur and the Zur Institute offer! Not only would it pull our profession back from stagnation into dynamic compassion again, but it would help us see what a role-model for those relationship-based clinical values looks like.
J.M., Social Worker, Oklahoma, US

  • I just spent the past hour reading your fantastic 2010 article “The Risky Business of Risk Management”. You are like an oasis of reason in a desert of hysteria. You clearly are a wonderful person dedicated to making this world better by helping people and your inspiration is awesome. I am even more determined not to let the “risk management” mafia destroy our mission of helping people. You seem to be the only authority who has written so extensively, persuasively, and comprehensively (not to mention inspiringly) about the insidious effects of risk management.
    T.E., Counselor, Colorado, US
  • Thank you for your wonderful article about touch deprivation and the running amok of risk management.
    L.M., Counselor, Arizona, US
  • I want to write to say how useful I find your regular updates and sensible approach to therapeutic work. The last one on boundaries and working ‘outside the room’ confirmed my own instinctual responses about what is acceptable, therapeutic and maintains integrity and humanity. Best wishes for your continued success.
    W.S., Counselor, Scotland

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