Burning Away Emotional Pain

If fire can burn away emotional pain that was unleashed upon me as a child, that's what I would choose. I was in counseling in various forms (individual, groups, self-help) for a great deal of my adult life, starting at the tender age of just-turned-17, and I managed to rid myself of about three-quarters of it. I grew to an admirable level of emotional maturity, and felt in charge of my life. I worked with kids and I had plenty of compassion.

However, sometimes that is not enough. What was I doing with the other 25%? It was under tight wraps, as this pain - some called it trapped emotions - was still "on" 24/7. Okay - I am very strong, but if I could find a way to annihilate the rest of this bone-crushing pain inflicted by a narcissistic mother who was jealous of her middle child because her father seemed to like her, I would do it. (Both my parents were drinkers and my mother was kept in steady supply of prescription uppers and downers through the end of her life [age 55] by her less-than-ethical family physicians. These doctors knew my mother was drinking.)

I recently discovered an energetic approach to freeing myself of these trapped emotions (Emotion Code, by Dr. Bradley Nelson), and have been slowly but surely peeling off the final layers of pain, perhaps the worst of it, for the last few months. I can tell you it is working for me.

Lesson to be learned: Never give up on yourself - you're definitely worth it.

To Life Unhindered!


— Dr. Donna Poppendieck


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