I Was Deeply Touched by a Hearty Feedback

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After my 2/11/24, 2 hrs, 2 CE, zoom presentation for the (American) Iranian Psychological Association on Ethical-Moral Junction in Psychotherapy and Mental Health Services I got the following hearty-moving feedback from an Iranian-American psychologist participant:
Dear Ofer, Thank you so much for the great presentation. Your approach was a breath of fresh air as it was not the typical ethics workshop of "do this" and "don't do that"!  As I told my colleagues, your approach of considering junctions of ethical and moral considerations was thoughtful, real, and applicable to everyday clinical dilemmas that we all experience.   But aside from the workshop, I found myself really liking, in fact admiring, your philosophical stances and ways of thinking: values, critical thinking, analysis, openness to possibilities, living life bravely, honestly, and what seemed to me to be taking the juice out of life.  It was a pleasure being with you.   If you are ever in my area, I would love to treat you to some delicious Persian food. With warm regards, H.

A beautiful note, like a present wrapped in kindness and warmth had been sent, reminded me of the importance of considering ethical junctions To receive such feedback had opened a river of good nature, a spring flowed within me, a well of nurturing

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