Develop Your Dream Private Practice

By Ofer Zur, Ph.D.

Whether you’re new in private practice or a seasoned veteran, every psychotherapy business has room for improvement, especially in this economy. To keep our resources fresh for use, this year we’ve just completely re-done our Private Practice Handbook for Psychotherapists.

Full listing of private practice resources, books and e-books.


Most aspects of private practice management are not discussed in graduate school. Topics we cover in our revised Private Practice Handbook to fill in the gaps include:

    Private Practice Handbook

  • Business Management
    • Tax Deductible items
    • Managing the home office
    • Professional will
    • Much more
  • Practicing Outside Managed Care
    • How to tell clients about the hazards of managed care
    • Explaining to clients how mangled care may compromise their privacy and future health or life insurance
  • Marketing – Traditional
    • Re-structure your relationships to money and fees
    • How to market to your own community
    • On being an expert-educator
  • Online Marketing
    • Creating a website
    • Social Networking marketing
    • Blogging
  • Ethical-Legal-Management – Essential practice issues:
    • Responding to subpoenas
    • Professional wills
    • Termination
    • Burnout
    • TeleMental Health
    • Much more


In addition to our over 125 online courses, free articles, and workshops, the Zur Institute offers several publications that can be of use to those of you in private practice:

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