Free Online Resources, Brochures, Videos, Articles,
Guidelines & Podcasts

Free Online Resources, Brochures, Videos, Articles,
Guidelines & Podcasts

For Psychotherapists, Counselors, Mental Health Professionals and Related Fields

By Ofer Zur, Ph.D.


Boundaries In TherapyOverview of Boundaries in TherapyBoundaries in TherapyBartering in PsychotherapyDual/Multiple RelationshipsExtensive BibliographyGifts in TherapyHome-Based TherapyHome OfficeOutside the Office WallsRural Practice & BoundariesSelf-DisclosureTouch in Psychotherapy

Dual/Multiple RelationshipsDual & Multiple RelationshipsDefinitions and Key PointsEducational Settings & Dual RolesFaceBook & Dual RolesForensic Multiple RelationshipsMilitary Settings & Multiple RolesOnline Multiple RelationshipsPolice Multiple RelationshipsPrisons, Jails & Multiple RelationshipsRehabilitation, 12 Step & Dual RoleRural Practice & Dual RelationshipsSpiritual-Faith Communities & Dual RolesSport Psychology & Dual RolesSupervisory Multiple RolesTotal Institutions Multi-Relationships

Psychology of the Web, Online Gaming & Web AddictionDigital DivideOnline Gaming & Internet AddictionPsychology of the Web

Private PracticeBurnout & Self CareClients’ FeedbackDX, CPT, ICD & DSMFee-for-Service Private PracticeFees and InsuranceInformed ConsentLicensing Boards ComplaintsMarket a Practice Outside Mng’d CareRecord KeepingRetirement & Professional WillTermination & Drop-out

Digital Ethics/TeleMental HealthDigital EthicsEmail, Texting, EHR & ConfidentialitySocial Media, Facebook & TherapyGoogling ClientsMental Health AppsNegative Posting on Yelp by ClientsPracticing Across State LinesTelemental Health & E-TherapyTherapists’ Online TransparancyVideoconferencing in TeleMental Health Digital Ethics &TeleMental Health Resources

Ethics, Standard of Care,Risk ManagementConfidentialityDeceptionEthical Decision-MakingInformed ConsentLicensing Board ComplaintsPower in PsychotherapyRetirement & Professional WillRisk ManagementStandard of CareSubpoenasSubsequent Therapist SyndromeTermination & Drop-out

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