Psychology & Culture

Psychology & Culture

Resources on Teen Violence, End of Life, Love/Marriage/Infidelity/Divorce, Critique of Psychotherapy & Psychiatric Dx, & other cultural issues for Psychotherapists, Counselors, Mental Health Professionals and Related Fields

By Ofer Zur, Ph.D.



Cinema Therapy & Therapeutic Movies

Critique of Psychotherapy and Psychiatric Diagnosis

Critique of Attitudes to Dual Relations

Critique of Psychiatric Diagnosis & DSM-5

Critique of Use of Psychotropics

Rethinking the “Power-Differential” Myth

Additional Critique

Controversies in Psychology

Cultural Diversity

End of Life Issues

Love, Marriage, Infidelity, Divorce

On Love and Marriage

On Marital Infidelity & Marital Affairs

Psychology of Peace & War


Spiritual, Religion & Psychotherapy

Technology, Speed and Soul

Teen Violence, Abuse, Cyberbullying

Victim Psychology


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